THE CONTAINER STORY is not just an unusual story told in an entertaining and engaging manner, it is documentary filmmaking at its best. The story is beautifully photographed and creatively edited. Archival footage from the 1930′s through the 1970′s is cleverly intertwined with current pictures and interviews. Original music and engaging voice-over make visible that which is truly omnipresent, yet often overlooked.

The viewer gets to follow the container through time by the use of archival footage and experience intriguing, lively interviews with Malcom McLean, his family, and his business partners. Due to the historical importance of the location, we introduce the very dock in Port Elizabeth near Newark where the very first containers were loaded onto a converted oil tanker on April 26, 1956. We also visit Malcom′s hometown in North Carolina, the venture point of his ambitious entrepreneurial quest. The film takes us to all the places a container "sees" in its journey around the globe: aboard a modern container ship that carries 7,500 containers from Asia to the West; on a tractor trailer on a highway; on a railroad car; inside a department store′s distribution center. The film makes visible that which is truly omnipresent yet often overlooked. We do this through the use of sensible photography and editing work. Original music and informative voice-over help make this an engaging documentary.

The film was made possible by the support of the McLean family, who provided much archival footage and personal interviews. Also on camera in the U.S., the film introduces Paul F. Richardson, the former president of "Sealand" as well as other former close partners and associates of Malcom McLean′s who put his life and work into perspective. The film also showcases important, European shipping giants like BLG and Hapag-Lloyd, whose former executives also remember the introduction and early implementation of Malcom′s revolutionary idea.

It should be noted that our film is the only comprehensive and insightful documentary worldwide to commemorate the container′s 50th anniversary and Malcom McLean’s life and work.




“Historically accurate. Well done.”
Paul Richardson, former CEO Sealand.

“Finally - the recognition that the shipping community has been waiting for.”
Edward J. Kelly, executive director, Maritime Association of the Port of NY & NJ.

“An accurate representation of the deep history of containerization. We are actively using THE CONTAINER STORY in internal training.”
Peter Keller, Executive Vice President and COO, NYK Line.

“THE CONTAINER STORY belongs in everyone’s library.”
Charles Cushing, naval architect.

“A wonderful tribute to Malcom McLean.”
John Culhane, transportation consultant.

“We are delighted to have been a part of this project. Mr. Greh and his associates did a wonderful job of telling Mr. McLean’s story and presenting some of the talented people who worked with him. They are truly representative of the thousands of men and women who made containerization possible.”
The McLean Foundation

“Another good way to get out the world-changing story launched by our company's founder 50 years ago”
  John D. McCown, Chairman & CEO, Trailer Bridge, Inc.

“A surprising and fascinating film about the revolution in the shipping industry.”
Deborah Lofberg, Director Marketing Services, Jacksonville Port Authority