A veteran director, Thomas has been producing documentaries and reports since 1989. His films have been broadcast on all the major public television networks in Germany and France. He combines elements of Direct Cinema with elements of the journalistic report. One of his keen interests is producing entertaining science and technology films. Thomas is an inquisitive and innovative, yet sensitive, filmmaker with a keen interest in looking a little further and a little deeper into any given subject. He is known for making complex topics not only accessible to a broad audience, but also making them entertaining and compelling. He does so through his patient cinematic eye combined with the montage style of his films and straightforward voice overs. Thomas is also the founder and director of trifilm GmbH, a documentary production house in Bremen, Germany.


Svea is an experienced, sought-after cinematographer and cameraperson. She has a keen and sensitive eye for the subjects and locations she is filming. She has filmed in all corners of the world, including the Philippines, the Mexican jungle, Turkey, Greece, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Pakistan and China. Her distinguished work has appeared on German and French public television and has received many international awards, among them the 1998 main award at the Scientific Film Festival in Ronda, Spain for a film about a remote island in the Philippines; the 1999 media award of the KNH association for a film about children in Pakistan; in 2001, the most prestigious German television award, "Grimme Preis", for "The Living Torch", a feature length documentary shot in Turkey and Greece; the 2002 Prix Europa for a documentary about xenophobia in Germany. Svea is also the co-founder and director of VideoMotion GmbH, a documentary production company in Hamburg, Germany.


An outstanding, long-time editor from Germany, Kirsten focuses on feature length documentaries and reports for German public television on a number of issues. Her insightful work has been recognized by an international audience. Documentaries she edited won several international prizes, among them the 1996 prize of Japan′s foreign ministry and the jury prize at the Tokyo Film Festival; three prizes for the second best documentary of the German economic film in 1996, 2000, and 2002.


Rolf came up with the excellent original music for our documentary. His talent is a real find in the industry. The feature length documentary "Stone of Gold" with Rolf’s original music won an important award at the Riga International Film Forum. His previous work also includes music for promotional and industry films for NASA, Siemens, Kellogg’s, Beck’s, and Mars.