Journalist Award for Thomas Greh’s "Container Story"
Berlin, March 2007

Film director and producer Thomas Greh received the Deutsche Bahn Journalist Award „Mobility and Logistics“ for his film „The Container Story“ – a documentary funded in part by „nordmedia“. At a special awards ceremony in Berlin, Hartmut Mehdorn, CEO of Deutsche Bahn, awarded the director’s one-hour story of the metal box and the first containers that were received in Bremen in 1966, with the first prize of the Journalist Award which is listed with Euro 10,000. „The Container Story“ had been shown on NDR-RB (German public broadcaster) and throughout Europe on the Franco-German channel ARTE, and the Swiss-Austrian-German channel 3sat. The program was a co-production of trifilm and Radio Bremen and ARTE.

A jury evaluated some 130 projects from diverse media sources: print, radio, television and online. Three laureates were considered and selected. The jury was made up of senior media heads and respected newsmakers: Marietta Slomka (heute-journal), Dr. Wolfgang Kaden (Manager Magazin TV), Christoh Keese (Welt am Sonntag), and Hans Werner Kilz (Süddeutsche Zeitung). They recognized Greh’s film as „an excellent and exemplary piece of television programming. Greh tells the story of transportation in a surprisingly entertaining and exciting way that makes the topic comprehensible.“